Monday, October 22, 2007

Leaves, Bats, and Phone Time

"Bats Flying High" game and a paper leaf wreath project from our Cubbie Curriculum Package:

Our Princess with her finished wreath, and then on the phone telling Daddy about it:
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Orange Food Day

Carrots with ranch dip (which I doctored up with food coloring), melon, chicken stix, and apple cider - yum! Yes, that's Girly's "smile".
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Carving Extravaganza

Mommy getting serious about it:

My little artist working on her collaboration with Daddy and Brother:

Admiring the handiwork:

Finished and on display! And before Halloween Night for the first time (we have a history -ask anyone who knows us- of waiting until the actual day of Halloween to carve these things... we're generally doing them and passing out candy at the same time, hehe)
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Reading to Sister, Pumpkin Carving

Little Man reading to Sister:

Carving the 'kins:

They were fairly grossed out by the pumpkin innards:
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Freebies and Halloween

Some freebie books Julie sent along with our October school order:

Girly in her fairy costume (she blatantly refused to wear the wings - oh well) with a little makeup on (first ever makeup):

Daddy (left), Little Man (the NASA dude), their friend G and her Daddy, and Girly doing the trick or treat thing in town:
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Apple and Pumpkin Fun

I know it's been obscenely empty here - I've had the greatest intentions to keep this blog up and plan to do so in the future (at least with more regularity) but our lives have been so busy lately! To make up for my lack of blogs I'll share with you some pics we took at Heritage Farms in Hesperia where we choose our pumpkins. We play in the field for a while and then usually take a hay ride - enjoy!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Scribbles and Two

Here's some Selah work from the last week of September:

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Seeing Things Differently

Here are a couple projects from last month, the ones on the left are Jamieson's and the ones on the right are Sae's. It's interesteing to see how the two of them took the same materials and used them in their own unique ways.

Apples were a fun theme, we're planning a trip to an orchard too - I'll be posting pictures of that, of course :)
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