Friday, December 14, 2007

The Games We Play

Popsicle sticks, ribbons, clothespins, a laundry basket and a plastic jar = fishing (and successively, fishing in a barrel). How fun! :)

It's funny - lately (because of the season of "giving") I've been thinking about how much we already have... and it makes me feel like, gosh - why buy *more* stuff? I did do the whole Christmas shopping thing (a little anyway) of course, but have to wonder, when a clothespin and some ribbon and a stick can occupy the imagination of my kidlets for such a long span of time (they played with these items for about an hour, at which point they became something new and different hehe) why then, do I feel so compelled to buy buy buy all the new stuff that is offered to me? I am such a sucker for marketing, too - if it's in a pretty pretty box I'm all, "must have" zombie style! Not that I think they don't need new stuff (hence the Toys R Us bag in my utility closet), it's just that sometimes I feel like I over-do... Ah, the American Dream ;)

Love you all, Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays, if that's your thing)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Detroit Science Center

We spent a few hours at the Science Center today, it was so much fun! The special event was Animal Grossology - it highlighted the gross and disgusting aspects of animals and bugs - this first pic is a station all about flies, there was a microscope to look at fly legs, wings, and mandibles. The second pic is of a cow station that talks about passing *all* kinds of gas, and how food is digested and turns into said gas... that station was fun, you press a button to feed the cow, and then subsequent buttons to initiate the following digestive processes.

The water play area, and a Mackinac Bridge replica:
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Playing With Light (and a movie)

This wall was covered in windows, some concave and some convex. I think he could've played with this all day...

My sis was playing with my little guy from the other side of the windows:

A different wall was covered in mirrors of different colors and shapes, check out his reflection in the orange mirror!

This film was set up so that you could turn a dial and progress or reverse through frame by frame, it was so interesting I had to post a short movie of the man-child playing with it...
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More Playing With Light (and a movie)

Every little circle lit up at different times, our little guy is trying to "catch the lights" in this pic.

This station shows how white light is made up of all colors.

Inside a giant kaleidoscope:

Each drum was connected to a different light, so that when you hit the drum the light came on:
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Playing With Electricity

I know how that sounds, but we played safely ;)

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tday Parade

TALK ABOUT COLD!!! It's amazing how windy, wet, and *freezing* it was for the parade - but it was worth it! We really had a fun time watching the entire two and a half hours of bands, balloons, floats, and miscellaneous entertaining groups of people (the Businessman Briefcase Drill Team comes to mind, hehe -and no, I am not joking). Well, my sister and I watched the whole thing, but my children became small living icicles so our hubbies and parents took them back to the apartment (parents came back to watch the tail end and the kidlets and hubby-men watched the rest out of the apartment window/on tv). By the time the parade ended my sister and I were numb in the legs, face and hands so we bought some hot-dogs from a street vendor and then had some hot chocolate in a near-by establishment with our parents. After that we went back to the apartment and fixed Tday Dinner (which totally deserves to be capitalized based on the sheer amount of effort that must be put into said *Dinner* which -as my father in law pointed out- it takes so long to prepare and clean up after, it's such a shame that it's over in only fifteen minutes that you almost wonder, "why all this fuss"?)

Our kids shaking hands with a D Town police woman:

These were fun:

Yes, these people were really boarding on a moving halfpipe. Totally rad.

Obligatory Santa Appearance Photograph:
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Princess Photogenic

Cute, isn't she?
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Tday Prezzies!

Mom brought prezzies for all the grandkids!

They were so excited with their goodie bags! Books, pens, pencils, paper, stickers, socks, a Cars tin for the Man and a Hello Kitty purse for the Princess.

Even the one that's too little to be seen! Yes, that's my preggo sister!
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Pin on those Tail Feathers!

Mom brought a fun game - Pin the Tail Feathers on the Turkey! Both kidlets did a great job...

Not sure if the same can be said for Mommy and Daddy!
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Hubby and I decorated the table this year:

Dinner was scrumptious!
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Night Walk

A nice couple took our picture, so I took theirs too...

Daddy and his Princess

The ice rink in down town, the trees in Circus Park
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