January 2011
I think I'll keep a running list of all the stuff we try out here.  I'll start with this year, not sure if I'll go back and fill in what we did before - it seems like using now as a starting point will be sufficient.  I will add on as time proceeds, pushing older things toward the bottom and filling in as we progress through our school years.

Let me begin by explaining that we don't school on a traditional cycle by any means of that word.  Not only do we choose to school year round, but I do not stick to any grade level of any kind with either of my kids.

For example:
Jupiter (my son) is about four weeks away from finishing his current Language Arts text, so this means we'll have to find something for him to continue with.  He is also about one week from completing his "Level B" math book, good thing I bought "Level C" last year when I thought we would school through my summer displacement and our move from MI to CT (what the heck was I thinking?).  To further complicate things, if we can actually stick with some sort of schedule, we (the kids do Science and History together) will be done with Astronomy in the end of April and History in the middle of May.

Sprite (my daughter) has already completed the entire "Kindergarten" year through the program she uses online, so I have allowed her to continue to 1st grade.  A lot of repetition is involved, and I have to explain concepts more than once...  but she eventually gets it and she's doing quite well!

At least this situation is timed well this year re: tax return.

Curriculum Goals, 2011

Language Arts
Complete Phonics Road Level I
  • We are only on Level I despite his age because even with completing Sing, Spell, Read and Write (also known as SSRW), while he is an excellent reader he can could not spell.  He is doing about two weeks for every week that is scheduled in the text because he can handle it, and I'm proud to report that his spelling ability and general understanding of the English Language has improved immensely.  In related commentary, we are not using SSRW with Sprite.


Complete Apologia Astronomy and accompanying Notebook and Labs
Begin either: Apologia Zoology I or Apologia Botany.  Can't decide, might do both.  No matter the decision, we will also have him complete the Notebook and Labs - the enrichment provided by these activities is astounding to me.

Complete Mystery of History Volume I and construct a detailed timeline
Begin Mystery of History Volume II and construct a detailed timeline

Language Arts
Completed Time4Learning "K" as desired - we use the free stuff
Working through Phonics Road Level I at readiness

Completed Time4Learning "K"
Right Start A at readiness
Introduce Zillio Math Mountain

Complete Apologia Astronomy No Notebook for Spritely, but she does do the labs alongside her brother.
Begin either: Apologia Zoology I or Apologia Botany.  Can't decide, might do both.  

Complete Mystery of History Volume I construct detailed timeline
Begin Mystery of History Volume II construct detailed timeline