Project 52

March 2011
Obviously I didn't stick with this for long.  My problem is, I have issues with uploading photos using anything other than my phone.  I find Flickr tedious for smartphone usage and have had nothing but frustration with trying to compile said photos into an album.  There just isn't a way that is easy on the phone, and as I rarely use the computer outside of work hours I just need to find an alternative.  Perhaps I will try and do a weekly, and post them right here on my blog and just tag them as such.  Perhaps I should also re-title this "Project 52"?  I like it.

January 2011
I'm biting.  I'm going to try to do a Project 365.

I had never even heard of this until a few days ago, but it sounds interesting.  I want to see how my life progresses over the year, and what better way than a photo a day?  I expect to miss a day here and there.  I expect some photos to be really great and others to be boring.  But I also expect to have fun.

You can view my photos for this on Flickr.

I have other friends doing this, I'll update this list as it grows.  I might also add others that I enjoy so you can check them out as well.  Blessings!