Warrior Xfit

January 2011
So, there is no ATA here for me. I haven't worked out the way I am used to or the way I love since June, which is just way too long. I knew about Warrior X-fit before we moved away from Traverse City, but because all my needs were being met I never bothered to give it a serious look. Now that I'm so isolated and in need of an outlet I've spent some time really getting to know the program and have decided to make a commitment to myself to begin working out again. In addition, I plan to continue working on the 1st Degree form as well as all the color belt forms to keep myself fresh for when we move next - I hope to get stationed in an area with a good ATA in reasonable driving distance.

If you want to see what exactly I am doing, please visit Warrior X-fit. It's a lot of fun, hard work!

Power Stretches

Dynamic Linear Stretches

Dynamic Circular Stretches

Then the real workout begins. If you do the whole thing, it should take 20 minutes. That is it.