Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tday Parade

TALK ABOUT COLD!!! It's amazing how windy, wet, and *freezing* it was for the parade - but it was worth it! We really had a fun time watching the entire two and a half hours of bands, balloons, floats, and miscellaneous entertaining groups of people (the Businessman Briefcase Drill Team comes to mind, hehe -and no, I am not joking). Well, my sister and I watched the whole thing, but my children became small living icicles so our hubbies and parents took them back to the apartment (parents came back to watch the tail end and the kidlets and hubby-men watched the rest out of the apartment window/on tv). By the time the parade ended my sister and I were numb in the legs, face and hands so we bought some hot-dogs from a street vendor and then had some hot chocolate in a near-by establishment with our parents. After that we went back to the apartment and fixed Tday Dinner (which totally deserves to be capitalized based on the sheer amount of effort that must be put into said *Dinner* which -as my father in law pointed out- it takes so long to prepare and clean up after, it's such a shame that it's over in only fifteen minutes that you almost wonder, "why all this fuss"?)

Our kids shaking hands with a D Town police woman:

These were fun:

Yes, these people were really boarding on a moving halfpipe. Totally rad.

Obligatory Santa Appearance Photograph:
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