Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I recently started reviewing Time4Learning by The Learning Odyssey for our core curriculum purposes after reading many MANY reviews from other homeschoolers at Home School Reviews. It's an online curriculum, and so far appears to be very thorough - it starts at the PreK level (still slightly above S's head but too easy for J, he placed in K/1st for math and english) and goes up to 8th grade at this point. Much of the learning happens on screen, but there are plenty of provided activities and printable work sheets to supplement the computer stuff. These pictures were taken today, the very first time we tried the site. Pricing is VERY reasonable and there is a two week evaluation period during which you can get a refund if you decide the program is not for you. Multiple children receive discounts and there is no commitment.

This lesson is about the parts of a book (cover, title, author, illustrator, page, paragraph, sentence...). The animated characters are amusing and captivate the kids' attention - J "played" for about an hour and a half from start to finish (completing both a chapter in language arts and a chapter in math) and when we had technical difficulties (I had hooked up our TV to use as a second monitor from my laptop so that it would be easier to help him and type if I needed to, and my laptop did not initially cooperate) he was so excited to get back to the program that he exhibited the most phenomenal patience while waiting!

S sat and watched and even participated vocally quite a bit (singing the abc's, which is at the bottom of this post). I can see how this is going to be a GREAT utility when she gets a couple years older... It will be great to work one on one with either of them on things they need specific Mom time with while the other completes their lesson on T4L and then trade places.

From my perspective:

Video (apparently J is boycotting the alphabet song today...)

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