Friday, August 31, 2007

New Curriculum Details

Here are some detailed shots of what's included in that snazzy red folder (I'm calling it Mommy's Manual, hehe)

Located in the left pocket when you open the folder is a lunch menu for the week (which will be supremely helpful because I fail miserably in the department of planning ahead for anything, just ask my husband), and a brief newsletter which details what will be covered this month in school (I'll add a scan of it monthy to share with you all).

There's also a blank calendar which I am going to try to use for planning ahead -hahaha-! I'd like to know exactly what's up for the month, or at least even the upcoming week... oh who am I kidding - if I get the next day done the night before I'll be lucky! The facing page is a quick outline of what is included for the month, and the following pages are detailed instructions for each lesson/project/game. I've also taken a quick picture of what the reproducible lessons look like.
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