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Jumping Frog

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Origami Jumping Frog
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Origami can be a fun activity for people of all ages. This easy-to-make jumping frog can be made in about three minutes and can provide hours of entertainment. The sturdiness of the index card makes the frog jump higher and last longer than if you make an origami jumping frog from regular paper. With a few friends and a few more frogs, you can play games like seeing whose frog can jump the farthest or race frogs seeing who can reach the finish line first.


  1. Place a 3" by 5" index card on the table in a portrait orientation (long sides to the left and right).
  2. Fold the top-right corner of the card diagonally (down and left) until the top of the card meets the left side. The result will look like the figure.
  3. Unfold the card.
  4. Fold the top-left corner of the card diagonally (down and right) until the top of the card meets the right side.
  5. Unfold the card. This will result in an X-shape on the upper portion of the card as shown in the figure.
  6. Grasp the right and left edges of the card between your thumb and forefinger at the midpoint of the triangles and fold the two sides inward (your thumbs will touch).
  7. As the top portion of the card folds inward, press it the rest of the way down. The card should resemble a house (see figure).
  8. Grasp the right corner of the resulting triangle and fold the "wing"upward to the top corner of the triangle.
  9. Fold the left "wing" upward to the top corner of the triangle as well.
  10. Fold the right edge of the "house" into the middle so that the right edge meets the vertical center line.
  11. Fold the left edge of the "house" into the middle so that the left edge meets the vertical center line.
  12. Fold the bottom of the card up to meet the top and then back again to meet the new fold at the bottom.
  13. Turn the frog over; it should open up a bit.
  14. Using the tip of your index finger, press the "butt" of the frog down slightly and release; the frog will jump.


  • After completing a fold, run your thumbnail across the fold while pressing firmly to ensure it is crisp and flat.
  • Larger card stock can be used to make a larger frog. However, if the proportions are not 3:5 trim it down using scissors or a paper cutter.
  • Green card stock will make a more realistic-looking frog.
  • Markers can be used to decorate your frog.


  • Scissors and paper cutters can be dangerous. Keep fingers and clothing away from cutting parts. Parental supervision is advised.

Things You'll Need

  • One 3" by 5" index card.

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