Thursday, March 27, 2008

Origami Day

Crafts and projects of all kinds are much enjoyed in our house... Today, I introduced the kids to origami by making the easiest thing I could imagine... a frog. All you need is a 3x5 card and a kid (or more) who is bored :D I'm also posting directions to make paper roses, because I think they're neat. Probably too difficult for little kidlets, but wanted to post something difficult too. You can click on links in the individual instructions to see very detailed images of each step of both projects, which should make them easier to complete. Enjoy!

My bored kids ;)

S and J trying to fold their frogs... I pretty much had to do S's for her, but J did a few of the folds quite on his own (which suprised me for some reason)

Any time markers are out in our house it's cause for celebration - I tend to be stingy with them, S is messy (click the picture to see the blue marker stains on the front of her shirt). But what two-year-old isn't? I should lower my standards... or apron them or something. hehe

My finished froggie. It's supposed to be a red-eyed tree frog, but instead it just looks creepy.
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