Friday, October 17, 2008

School Pictures - 2008

All my friends with kids have been calling/emailing me telling me about their kid's first pictures... I was so excited to hear about this milestone, but it also made me feel a little sad when I realized that my kids won't ever have a kindergarten picture day!

I started thinking about that a little, and then it hit me... who says picture day has to happen in school? So today, we got the kids all dressed up and hopped in the car and started driving around aimlessly - and look what God gave us!  ***Edit:***  I'm not sure why the pictures don't show up in the post any more, but if you click on them you can view them.
A perfect picture spot - it was so beautiful when we drove by the first time that I should have just had Terry turn around so we could take the pictures right away but we kept looking for a little bit... then we looked at each other and said - nope, that was the spot. So we went back and took a whole bunch of pictures and I can't believe how great they turned out!

The original plan was to just take some shots of J, but then Sae decided that she just *had* to have pictures too - so this is J's first school picture, and Sae's hammy interlude... enjoy! :D

Click for larger versions:

Mr. Kindergarten
Spritely's School Pic Debut - PreK
So cute!


Heather said...

How cute?!? I love the fall colors for the background! There is actually some lady in the homeschooling movement around here who was advertising taking pictures for she cornered the market on that one. Hope you're all doing well!

administration said...

Hmm... what a good idea! I'm actually really terrible at photographing people though. :( This day of course, being the exception lol!