Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's Have Another Go...

Well, here I am again - after a two year hiatus.

I have hundreds of pictures on facebook, but I really like the organizational value of a blog so I'm going to try to post short little things here again.  I did like it, I just got WAY too busy (read: distracted) to keep up.

I'm probably not going to try and play catch-up with all the things I neglected to post about, but I hope to at least jump in where we are with the occasional update and of course photos.

Much love for you all out there.


Claire said...

Hey....I saw your link here from facebook. I'll check back and see if you did get started up with the blogging again, lol.

administration said...

Ah, perhaps a little accountability is all I need ;) I'm not quite certain anyone read this thing prior to your visit lol