Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Ready for School in 2011!

Our goals for 2011 are pretty simplistic - I need to relax.  I also need to be less lazy and more scheduled.  I'm not sure how to accomplish those two things at the same time, but I aim to try.  The problem is, I really like to sleep in.  Like, REALLY like to sleep in.  I am not the type of person to wake up before the sun, get the school materials out, have my coffee while I make a hot breakfast, and accomplish life.  I am the type that stays up until 3am on a regular basis and enjoys the quiet that a house full of sleeping people brings.  I need to rearrange my priorities it seems, as well as my sleep cycle.

I'd like to finish Right Start B with Jupiter and get going on C before February starts, and I would like to make some actual progress in Right Start A with Sprite.  She seems ready now, and when I pull out the math box she gets pretty excited - I think having her own books makes her feel pretty grown up.

Likewise, she loves Phonics Road.  I am so glad I found this curriculum - I'm pretty sure I couldn't have dealt with going through Sing, Spell, Read and Write again.  Don't get me wrong, that is a great curriculum for learning how to read.  However...  there is (what I feel to be) just too much writing for such a young child.  I don't believe that forcing a kid to learn to do something they are not ready for is the way to go, it has taken until very recently this year for my son to write willingly and at times on his own accord.  I much prefer seeing the light go *on* in their eyes when I pull out the daily work than getting the blank stare.  I would love to get Jupiter through Level I and then work through Level II continuing through summer when we can hopefully complete it and begin Fall with Level III so he will be caught up.  I'm not pushing him though, he's pretty motivated on his own with this curriculum thankfully.  I'm taking my time with Sprite in Phonics Road Level I, I do a lot of review with her and we do supplementary activities as well.  I plan to get her through this level by the end of the school year 2011 so it's a slow and steady ride for learning to read.

My goal here is to be more regular with our History lessons.  I use Mystery of History and love it greatly - I never make the time to sit down and get through a lesson though.  I think what I need to do is reduce my expectations and just read a lesson a day.  The initial point was to give the kids a general exposure to history, then go back and do the more in-depth activities, and I'm holding up our progress because I'm waiting to do the assignments.  That's silly.  For the rest of this school year, I will sit down three times a week and just enjoy reading to the kids - if there is a project that sounds cool, we'll do it right away and take advantage of the excitement that kids naturally have for these kinds of things.

We have really fallen behind where I hoped to be at this point in the year.  I wanted to get through Astronomy with Jupiter but we never end up getting to the lessons because we spend too much time on Reading and Math, or we don't get started on our school day until late and I feel behind so we only do Reading or Math for the day and then Daddy gets home so we stop school to spend time with him.  I'd like to spend a little time every day on Science - We use Apologia so it's sort of Charlotte Mason-ish in the way that you can just sit, read and enjoy.  Sprite generally joins us for the reading portion, and Jupiter is working on an Astronomy notebook which combines elements of lapbooking and standard notebooking (I take his dictation for the sections where there is a lot of writing involved).

With all that I DON'T get accomplished, here I am with the desire to add in more.  With our tax return this year I would love to purchase a digital piano.  I have one all picked out.  I have the curriculum to get us going, and I'm all excited to go on this.  If I can get my butt out of the bed at a normal person's time I think I can get school done and start on music with the kids - but for now, Just Dance for Kids has been a fun way for the kids to get some exposure to rhythm and body movement.  It's also great for getting the sillies out!

So, it seems that what I need to do is pretend to be responsible.


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Yblaser said...

First of all you are doing a good job! I love all what you are doing with the kids now and sounds like they like it too. You are responsible, just not how you are thinking you want to be. Some how you need to change your way of thinking in order to change your sleeping habits. I so understand what you mean though. Im doing pretty good now getting up with Wesley and Dan in the morning. Just have to set a goal to go to sleep at a decent time. Ideas: Set your phone alarm to remind you to go to bed at a decent time. Then set your phone alarm to get up with Terry. That way you can have time with your hubby and have coffee together before he goes to work. Then whatever you missed finishing the night before you can work on it while the kids make and eat their breakfast. Just an wont happen over night. But its a good start. Love a Sister. ;)