Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

We aren't going out for any kind of New Year celebration.  New Years Eve is our *real* anniversary, this year marks 9!  This year we are starting a tradition with our kids.  A friend of mine has a wonderful Winter Solstice tradition that we love and want to adopt.  We are making "Wish Bread"!

It's monkey bread.  From scratch.  And here's our take:
Earlier in the day, make the dough and let it rise.
Punch it down, then form golf ball sized lumps of dough.
As you form the lumps, think or discuss your wishes for the coming year.
Toss the lumps into a bundt pan and allow to rise again.
Begin baking at 11pm.
Enjoy friends and family immensely during the last hour of the year.
After the ball drops, enjoy your first meal of the new year: Wishes!

If you'd like more detail, here is the recipe I plan to try.  Pictures to follow.

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