Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Problem With Stuff...

So, I'm bad at taking before pictures.

Here are a few pictures that show the progress I've made, but I've come to a conclusion...

STUFF in and of itself is a problem for me.  Honestly.  You know how much space I actually NEED for the materials we are actively using?!  Not much.

I have too much stuff.
I've been trying to remedy the problem I'm having, but I am organizationally challenged.  Big time.  But here are my meager efforts - in progress.

Click images for BIG versions!
See the two bags under the desks?
Those are large enough to hold
ALL the books we use in a week.
This picture shows the part of the
room that is *mostly* finished...
I was elated to find this black cart on
the curb recently!  I'm considering
storing all the current curriculum
on the white thing.
Cozy couch and some more junk...
I'd really love for this to feel more inviting.
Here you can see the main "problem".
And the rest of the problem.

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Claire said...

It looks really good. I know what you mean about all the stuff. Our house in CT was just shy of 2,000 square feet, our house in Mississippi was 1,600 square feet, and our house in Maryland is 1,300 square feet. I feel like I have been decluttering constantly for a year.